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Exhibiting at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

One of the events of my eventful summer is even more exciting than traveling through Europe. My art was selected to be hosted as part of Redwood City Parks and Art Foundation "Expressions of Joy" exhibit at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

Invitation for the opening reception to Expression of Joy
Expressions of Joy @ Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

When I saw the call for artists earlier in the year I had just finished "Joy". As this exhibit gave us artists the opportunity to submit not just existing pieces, but also proposals for more pieces, my "Emotions of Humanity" series evolved from "Joy".

In this short interview, you can hear my take on the series and the paintings, and what I hope to achieve with this series.

The four paintings on display at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative show the sheer JOY of a group of teenagers jumping on a beach, the BLISS of a young girl on a swing, the SERENITY of a father with his kids at the lake, and the WONDER in two kids mesmerized by the Golden Gate.

Two kids mesmerized by the Golden Gate bridge

These paintings invite the viewer to disconnect from everyday stress, take a moment to pause, reconnect, reflect and experience the warm emotions of these simple joys of life.

I'm both excited for today's opening reception and more than a little anxious. For those who can join tonight, thank you for supporting me and my passion for art. If you want to visit the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and see the art, public showings will be available, but require registration. Register here.


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