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When I paint, draw, or sculpt I often think about the people I meet, the places I see, and how thinking of them makes me happy. That is my art, me sharing the world we live in with everyone through color, images, and some humor. I want my art to bring joy and happiness.


My people centric art captures people in scenes that show the simplest of emotions. Someone snoozing on a couch, swinging on a beach, or just going about their day to day life. I capture these simple and common movements or activities to trigger warm memories of joy, triggering those same emotions in my audiences.


My paintings of places use colors and evoke a warmth sharing the wonder of seeing these places when I saw them. I want you to feel that warm summer day, or transport you back into your own experiences in similar places. Rather than paint what I see, I try to create a somewhat impressionist view by using different angles, adding in a soft, cuddly animal, or by painting less obvious views. Those different angles provide me with a unique angle in sharing my love and wonder.


Admittedly, for some of my work, you will see me questioning the state of our world. I do use my art to try to understand some of society’s complex problems and even to explain those feelings to myself. While doing so I try to give myself and others hope. You will see me switch to a more whimsical style and imagery, infusing either humor or break the bleakness with lovely imagery like my piggy, hearts, balloons, or sometimes all three. 


I love using oil and almost all of my larger pieces are oil on canvas. The depth of color and the ability to blend the colors gives me a sense of richness that expresses the joy and fun I want to share. On my travels I like to capture impressions in water color. Sketches in pencil, charcoal or pastel are the other mediums that I use to draw portraits.

Notable Achievements
March | May - Freshworks XII - Selected in Juried Show

"Light at the End" accepted in Juried Show - Harrington Gallery at Firehouse Art Center

March - A Moment in Time - Selected in Juried Show

Three painting accepted at the Coastal Arts League Gallery - Half Moon Bay, CA

Notable Achievements

November - Sausalito Art Festival

Reflections Selected for and sold at the Online Juried Auction - Sausalito Art Festival

November - Art San Diego

Art San Diego (Nov 3-5) - Jen Tough Gallery Invited Artist (Reflections - Solo)

October - 3rd Place Azgour Summer Open

3rd place for Girlfriends in the online Azgour Summer Open Exhibition. See the Exhibition online.

September - Awarded Artist in Residence - Jen Tough Gallery & AIR Studios

An awarded Artist in Residence with open studios planned for October 2023 at AIR Studios - Santa Fe, New Mexico

July/August - Painted Piano - Public Art Installation

Awarded painting and installation of a grand piano in downtown Redwood City, California

July/August - First Prize - SWA 73rd Annual Show

"Pure Joy" Awarded First Price in Portraits, SWA 73rd Annual Show, San Bruno, California

July - Spanning the Gate: Artspan on the shores of Sausalito

Curated group show, Spanning the Gate, at Sausalito Center for the Arts, Sausalito, California

June - First Price & Honorable Mention - San Mateo County Fair

First price for "The Baby Seal" and honorable mention for "The Cow" at the Juried Fine Arts exhibit, San Mateo County Fair

May - People's Choice Award - SWA

"Together" accepted into and winner of the People's Choice Award - SWA show, San Bruno, California

May/June - 11th Freshworks Show - Harrington Gallery

"Girlfriends" accepted into and sold at juried exhibition, Pleasanton, California

May/June Joyce Faulknor Curated Group Show

Selected and sold work in a 6 Bay Area artists curated show at China Basin, San Francisco, California

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