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My first NFT + Exhibit at Spectacle Gallery

Last week was so exciting with the opening night of the "Expressions of Joy" exhibit at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. To see the art, sign up to visit CZI in person.

Now, I get to introduce you to Spectacle Gallery, where my art (Forbidden Apple) is selected to be part of the "Contemporizing Ideals" exhibit.

The digital gallery shows work from many talented artists covering "Ideas", "Humanity", "Abstraction", and "Nature as topics. To visit the gallery at Spectacle to see the amazing works published, click here. You'll find "Forbidden Apple" in the "Ideas" section.

One of the cool things of Spectacle is that you can buy both the physical art work and the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in one go.

Needless to say, this is my first NFT, and it is quite exciting to have work deemed relevant in a digital gallery like this, and get the first foray into the new world of NFTs with it. To go to OpenSea and see Forbidden Apple go here.

If you see and like other works in the gallery, Spectacle has all works from "Contemporizing Ideals" as NFTs on OpenSea. Visit their NFT store by clicking here.

As I said before, the cool thing is that if you buy the actual art on Spectacle, you will get (as long as the NFT is available) both the physical painting shipped to you, and the NFT.

That is it for this post. What a week it has been for me and my art. I'm still beyond happy with all the good things coming my art's way.


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