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Come see my art at Silicon Valley Open Studios - May 11-12

Are you excited to see 375+ artists exhibiting across Silicon Valley? I am...!

Come and Visit - May 11 & 12

This is my first time to join one of the big Open Studio events in the Bay Area and I'm looking forward to joining it with 14 other super talented artists in Redwood City. Right in the heart of the peninsula. To look at the program, visit Silicon Valley Open Studios' online program page.

I'm so happy that Redwood City Parks & Arts Foundation makes it possible for us artists to become a part of this event. Having a dedicated location where all of you can see a group of great artists is such a wonderful opportunity.

Win, win, win!

As you may have spotted that you can win a $100 Visa gift card in the Redwood City Park & Arts ad. Win $100 while enjoying the wonderful art at two key artist hubs, how great is that? Simply join us and sign in at both location 35 and location 18 and you are registered for the Visa gift card raffle.

My Art at the Show

So, what art am I planning to show at the Open Studios?

Any new works will of course be a surprise, but this exhibit with all works for sales will be a curated set of works focusing on my Places and People work. Some likely examples will include:

I'll also be bringing some really fun watercolor images that I make when I am traveling. These will be available for sale as prints or as cards making it real easy to get some cool and colorful images for your own space. Here is one recent example that will likely be at the show as both prints and cards:

A set of three brightly colored VW Beetles in watercolor
VW Bugs

When and Where to Go

Many of the locations will be open for three weekends in May:

Weekend 1: May 4 – 5 | Coastside and Northern Peninsula

Weekend 2: May 11 – 12 | Mid-Peninsula => Location 35 as shown below

Weekend 3: May 18 – 19 | South Bay

We are open from 11am until 5pm on both May 11 and 12...

As you see, lots of great places to go and see art within just San Carlos and Redwood City. Or if you want to see even more of the 375 artists, visit SVSO's website for the catalog and the maps of the area.

See you in May at SVSO!


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