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Two exciting Art Shows in the Bay Area

It is summer time, and I am sure you are looking for fun things to do! Here are two exciting shows that are open over the summer months.

I'm super excited to be invited to exhibit in this Artspan exhibit in the wonderful Sausalito. I mean, what more does one want in summer: beautiful views, great food and seeing "a multi medium collection by 19 ArtSpan artists, representing the best of San Francisco".

Those are not my words, nope, that is the show! It promises to be truly spectacular. If you are going, here are some key facts:

Exhibition Dates:

July 14 - August 13.

Gallery opening hours: Wednesday - Sunday, 11:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Artist Reception:

July 15, 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Meet the creative talent behind Spanning the Gate. Exhibiting artists will be on site to discuss their work, their backgrounds, and the inspiration behind their artistic creations.

Excited? Click this link or the image earlier and see the artists invited and some of their work on the exhibit page for the center of the arts.

But, that is not all there is. The Society of West-Coast Artists (SWA) is hosting it's 73rd annual show, with some very nice art on display in low-key San Bruno.

The show will be running from June 29 through August 20, with gallery opening hours of Thursday - Saturday, 11am - 3pm. Visit the SWA website to see more of the art and other details, not shown here.

And, oh... did I mention that, this year, I did win the first price for portraits? So excited about this! The painting I entered (1 of 2) is near and dear to my heart... so it is not for sale, and normally has a very nice spot in our home. Here is a high fidelity picture of "Pure Joy".

I hope you get a chance to visit either of these two wonderful art shows in the Bay Area. Even better, try to visit a reception. You will meet some truly amazing artists!

Enjoy your summer,


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