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Looking back at SVOS '24

We had a blast at SVOS! It was a lot of fun to hang out with and get to know the fellow artists that were exhibiting in the Redwood City Parks and Art Foundation space.

A table with art prints and cards on a black table cloth
My Prints and Cards at SVOS

This was my first open studio, and it was just amazing to be able to be in a light filled room with 13 other artists just outside of Red Morton Park in Redwood City. As all RWCPAF events, this one was flawless and super well organized.

We had a lot of traffic, despite that it was Mother's day on the Sunday of the Open Studios. The fun thing for me was that I get to meet people new to my art, and I get to see and hear their reactions. Chat about how they see certain pieces, or what emotions they feel when just seeing the pieces.

For this show, we brought mostly pieces showing the Places and People series, like the ones in the picture above which shows the "Emotions of Humanity" series, and some of the "Our World in Squares". To see more of these, go to my online store.

As I am doing in my art, I am starting to cross over between my more realism / places and people art and my whimsical pieces. So we brought a number of my "VW Bugs" to introduce those more whimsical pieces.

These guys got lots of reactions, as did the Art Prints we made. One of the prints is a reproduction of the inspiration for the "VW Bugs" series, my travel water color image shown below. Turns out people love the water colors and some of the limited series of Art Prints are already sold out... Wow!!

And then, we ran into a student from Carlmont High School, who wrote an amazing article about SVOS. You can read all about it here in the Scot Scoop, including a short interview with a number of the artists at the show.

Have a read, it is a great article and highlights among other things how artists find their inspiration and how they work.

That's it from a successful and fun SVOS.


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