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It's here! The Artists of the Bay Area Book!

More good news to start 2022! The Artists of the Bay Area books have arrived. I am so excited to be included in this project, as the two volumes, curated by Jen Tough, feature the best contemporary artist living in and around the San Francisco Bay Area.

For those interested in following my work, or even owning a copy of this fabulous book, click the image above or this link to go to Blurb Books and browse or order the book. My work is in volume 2!

To see the book as is shown here, on the Blurb Books website, click preview. Click full screen mode and enjoy browsing.

As I said, my work is in volume 2, but don't forget to also look at volume 1. There are some phenomenal artists and their work represented across both books. Maybe browsing either of the volumes will have you discover your next favorite artist!

As you can imagine, these are high quality books, so this small spread shown here does not do the books any justice. Have a look for yourself, and if you decide to buy a copy and want it signed, drop me note (click the email icon at the bottom of this page) and we can work together on getting that done...

Hope you all enjoy looking through these fabulous books, discovering fabulous art from fellow artists in and around the Bay Area. Interested in looking at more art, visit Jen's online gallery here, or click into my website or online store.

And of course, for those living in and around the bay area, you can see 22 of my pieces in my "Two Sides of Me" show at the Community Gallery in Redwood City. Details are here.


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