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Artsy Orthodontics - Smiles, Smiles, Smiles

Another place to see my art locally! I am really proud to have my art on display at one of my fellow Belmont small businesses, Jacklyn Kurth Orthodontics.

For me, I want my art to bring joy and happiness by sharing the world we live in with everyone through color, images, and some humor. And at Jacklyn Kurth's Orthodontics the mission is to enhance peoples lives through beautiful smiles! So what better place to have the art then!

I look at this as a mini-show, where I can share my art with some of my fellow Belmont and surrounding area residents.

For those of you who are just interested in the art or have other business in the building, the building's lay-out with the split offices allows you to walk through and glance at the art through the big windows inside. You'll be able to see most of the art. Some special pieces are however only available to patients that make it into the main treatment area.

For those who are looking for a great orthodontics practice, join Dr Kurth and her wonderful team at the location below.

Hopefully we can make everyone smile just that little bit more when you visit the Belmont location.


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