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Two new Pieces posted: Journey's End and Piggy with her Balloon

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Over the last few weeks, I managed to complete a couple of new pieces. Piggy with her Balloon was partially inspired by our newest backyard addition, a white Peony.

I just love the leaves of the plant and decided to decorate a happy piggy in Peony leaves:

My sweet little piggy with her Red Balloon in Peony Leaves
Piggy with her Red Balloon

And the piggy? Just a happy piggy with her red balloon looking into a more optimistic world? Just love her looking cheerfully into the world...

While enjoying my pomegranate (just love to munch these - can you find them on my palette?), I also worked on Journey's End, which is inspired by reading my friends blog about her and her sister's actual pilgrimage to Santiago de Copostella (Read their blog here), blended with memories from our own trip to northern Spain a few years ago. Here is Journey's End:

A pair of well-worn shoes at the end of a journey, in a golden sunset
Journey's End


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