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Two Different Paintings

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

It has been a while, got to spend some time finding inspiration in beautiful California. We saw some amazing places and super sunsets over the past couple of weeks. Maybe that is something I'll go play with in my next paintings. We'll see.

As promised last time around, I did spend some time on fog. This is an image that I think turned out really well. It is a lot more monochromatic than some of the things I normally do.

For those in the Bay Area, it is of course a scene from the Marin Headlands. The magic to me is the light. The boy and girl are almost a silhouette, but there is enough detail in the clothes to play with color. Not sure you all can see it in the photo, but it was so much fun creating the dress and mixing in browns and these gentle colors... and the shorts... I just love them. I can almost feel the texture. But maybe I am a bit biased.

But in my mind, color is never far away. And after "The Sheep" found a new, permanent home (yes it is sold - so happy!) I wanted to do something similar and dig into a few scenes like that one. So, the pale blue and gray went away (mostly) and out comes the color:

Where "The Sheep" is fluffy, and soft, "The Cow" is gentle and thoughtful. Chewing on that grass and thinking deep thoughts. Or maybe she is just enjoying the blue skies and the sweet grass. Who knows...?

Next up is another solitary animal, also on a square 24 x 24 canvas, but this one will be different. Quite challenging, I must admit, but hopefully both full of texture and with a nice cuddly animal. As always, stay tuned for that to come to a blog, Instagram or Facebook post near you...

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