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Finalist and on display at U-Art Redwood City

The cool things of UArt in Redwood City is that they have an amazing selection of artist materials, are locally owned and host a juried Art Show. In these trying times of pandemic and many social issues, it is just nice to go a buy your materials while seeing some beautiful art.

For the 2020 show I did want to share some serenity, so I submitted One Quiet Afternoon, and it made it as a finalist! So, if you are in the neighborhood, or need some art supplies stop by their store in Redwood City and see this and a lot of other cool art! It will brighten your day...

Here is it is:

UArt is also showing the full set of finalists and the winners for this year's show online:

I'm sure you all agree, some great art work, and I am happy to be a part of this show!



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