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Accepted to Artists of the Bay Area Book

Some good news to share!

A few weeks back I, and a number of other talented artists across the Bay Area, got the news that my art was selected for the Artists of the Bay Area book. The book is created by Jen Tough for publication in summer 2021.

This week, the artists were notified on what art pieces will be going into the book. These pieces represent a representative sample of the artist's work and style (or styles). I won't tell you what the entire selection of my works is... you all will just have to wait for the book, which will be available on Amazon and other retailers.

But I am totally excited to share that one of the paintings that is going into the book is this one.

I love the vast skies in the Netherlands, the endless horizons and the deep green fields. A continent away, these fields and skies remind me of home in Negros. Different crops, different weather, same deep and rich colors, same hard working people.

So excited about being a part of this book. I cannot wait for it to be in print. Stay tuned for the summer release announcement. In the meantime, browse around Jen Tough's gallery or have a look at my latest art work (see the new works in Places and People) or have a look at the Whimsical section.

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