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View my Art in the Bay Area and Support Local Businesses

While we are far from out of the woods, and our thoughts are with many people around the world who are suffering from this awful pandemic, here in the Bay Area, a few places are enabling safe viewing of art. And after many months of limited experiences outside our living rooms, maybe you are up to visiting either of these...

Whimsical at UArt

First, these are the final 2 weeks of my whimsical works at UArt.

Don't miss the first painting, shown here, when you walk in... I certainly walked straight past it and only after walking past, realized it was there...

The paintings have been up for a month, and if you are interested in the whimsical works, now are your final two to see them, and browse around for some art supplies, frames or very cool writing materials. All purchases of art or art supplies support a local business!

Reflections at Harrington Gallery

After a bit of a delay, Freshworks X is finally being shown at the Firehouse Arts Center's Harrington Gallery. This juried show was originally planned for 2020, but we all know what happened to anything planned in 2020...

Visit Firehouse Art Center's website for details here. Note that the opening hours for the gallery are: Thurs 10am - 12noon, Fri 3pm - 5pm and Sat 11am - 3pm. Just a reminder, look for Reflections, and of course enjoy the art show. Fresh works is really a nicely curated show!

Family reflection on the beach, in oil on canvas

While you are there, enjoy lunch, coffee or a snack at the local downtown businesses. Just a short walk away from the gallery in lovely downtown Pleasanton.

Stay safe, hopefully this gives you an idea for a safe venture out of the house and an opportunity to see some art and support local business in the Bay Area in these tough times.

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