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Meet the Artist at Society of West-Coast Artists on Nov 18, 2021

After quite some time of not having any of my works exposed in a gallery setting, I'm excited that two paintings were accepted in the end of year Member Exhibition at the Society of West-Coast Artists in San Bruno.

I'll be at the gallery on November 18, from 11am until 3pm. Please come by and say hello. Enjoy a nice open space with beautiful art from me and my fellow SWA members. While you are at the gallery, vote for your favorite painting or drawing and reward an artist with your recognition of their craft.

For this show, I decided to submit two of my paintings from the classic dutch landscapes series I am working on. "The Bridge at Makkum" is a classic water image from a vacation we took a while back in the Netherlands. Makkum is a small town on the IJsselmeer in the Dutch province of Friesland. The skies are astonishing, and the little towns, like Makkum a joy to walk through.

"In the Dutch Mountains" is another favorite or mine. It is in some ways the start of my Dutch Landscape Series. We rode these bikes through the low rolling hills (yes, it is not all flat over there) of Limburg. And yes, those are child seats, which is how the Dutch get their kids to school and back. Pretty cool in my opinion, and definitely a carbon neutral solution to ferrying around the kids.

The show is open from November 17 to December 31, 2021, Wednesday - Saturday 11am - 3pm. So, even if you can't make it on the 18th, do come by and enjoy the beautiful art. And if just art doesn't do it for you, keep in mind that the gallery is right in downtown San Bruno, with lots of restaurants to grab a nice lunch or coffee. If you are new to the area, try Kuya's for some Filipino food..., and don't worry, San Bruno has lots of free parking around San Mateo Avenue making it easy to support a local business.

If you like any of my paintings, or you are interested in some fun, colorful Original Art Cards, visit my store.

Hope to see you in San Bruno next week!



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