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Don't be scared to commission art!

Art is often deeply personal. You see a piece that resonates, or find a landscape that brings back those wonderful memories from when you visited that place. You almost feel the warm sun, taste that special meal again, think about your loved ones.

But how do you find that one piece of art? That one magical painting?

Well, one way is to keep on looking and looking and looking... and maybe one day, somehow, when all the stars align, there it is, that perfect image. But oops, way out of budget, and a bit too big...

Or, you could start to think about commissioning an artist who's work you like...

Think about that. You can get that memory, hanging in your house, in the style of an artist you like! You will also have potential control over the budget, the size, the scene and more. And it is definitely a shorter path to those goosebumps and amazing memories.

Interested, here is an interesting article, from the Mercury News on how to work with an artist, what to expect and how to go about commissioning an art work:

(click the image to go to the article, or if that does not work, copy this url:

In my career, I have been lucky enough to be able to work with a few customers on a commissioned piece. Just like the article says, find something on my website that is the style you like, then we start looking at some photos, discuss ideas, size and budget. And then we work together to evolve the piece.

Interested in trying this? Drop me a note at No pressure, no commitment, just have a chat about an idea and see what wonderful art might happen.

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