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Exposition of my work at UArt in Redwood City

I'm so excited. This was always one of my goals: have my art on display at UArt. Not just as part of their annual show, but to have "a wall showing my art"...

I'm so excited to share the great news that as of March 1st, eight of my paintings are on display at UArt, and will be up for the entire month of March.

So, if you are interested seeing my art in a socially distanced manner, why not go to UArt and combine looking at the paintings with some shopping for art supplies, picture frames or some of the other fun things on sale at University Art in Redwood City?

Interested in seeing the paintings on-line, click either of the two pics above. Both will bring you to Places and People on my website. While there, don't forget to check on the Whimsical section.

Still cannot believe it... one goal achieved, now on to the next goal. Dare I dream of a one woman show? Maybe one of these days...


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