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2020 - 't was the year bringing little cheer

As we are nearing the end of this year, a short look back at 2020. It was, and it has been said before by many, a truly difficult year for most. Here in the Orange Studio, we cannot complain too much as we are healthy. But we see family members in agony over loved ones in the ICU and we see a world in anguish. Economic hardship across the world.

The year in art, from left to right:

Society Devoured - We all were so excited when we wished each other a happy and healthy 2020. And then society got devoured. The 100-year pandemic arrive and it picked 2020.

Feeling Blue - Maybe the best depiction of all of us in 2020. An all devouring virus. Massive fires across our west coast creating eery orange skies. So few ways to escape. So much mental pain, agony and distress.

Piggy and her Balloon - And just when it all seemed endlessly hopeless, there they were, words of change. And we got hope back. Hope that things will soon be better again. Piggy found hope. Piggy found her red balloon.

Happy new year, may it truly bring health, joy and happiness to all!

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