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(Re-)Scaping Landscapes

Updated: Aug 1, 2021

Hello world. It has been a little quiet on my blog. Over the past couple of weeks I have gotten into a productive mode, creating a number of fresh works, and updating some ones that I wasn't quite happy with...

First, I am really excited about creating a really wide and narrow landscape. This is a bit of a different shape from some of the landscapes I did before. Stretching the view is an interesting experience. It highlights the colors, in this case the golden yellow contrasted with the deep blue skies, cut by the dark greens of forests and little dots of houses and the church steeple in the distance.

The rolls of hay, create this linear, long drawn pattern. I just love these rolls of hay. The color, the shape, the smells of the fields on a warm, sunny, late summer afternoon.

Then I did look at some other landscapes I did, and as I said, I went back and "finished" them. Both "On the Dike" and "Calm after the Storm" got a retouch and some more depth, some more texture, and some more... dunno... finesse?

For "Calm after the Storm", I actually made it a bit more playful. I'm tickled by my kayak... just adds more fun to the scene. And that horizon, now it just look like the tropics, like that paradise beach you spent an afternoon after the storm and rain blew through.

After these upgrades, I am happy with these two paintings...

The last update for this post is a portrait. Doing these portraits, still hard... Curious (and somewhat scared) what people think of this one.

Next up, doing something a little different. Got this cool idea to do something with the fog in San Francisco, a landmark everyone recognizes and something a little in line with the Reflections painting I did a little while back. Stay tuned for that to come to an Instagram or Facebook post near you...

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