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AIR and a Piano

Yes, this is a post about AIR (in capital letters!!) and, you are reading this right... a piano. A piano? Yes... keep reading, it all will be revealed in the end. Promise.

First, AIR.

This is my first awarded Artist In Residency, and I am so excited and a bit nervous at the same time. There are many firsts in this trip. First time to be awarded the opportunity by a gallery to do an artist in residency. First time to visit Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the first time to spend an entire week with no distractions and obligations besides painting!

Apart from all these firsts, I learned that a few Bay Area artists will be in the AIR Studios at the same time, so time to make some more friends in the local art world via Santa Fe!

Lastly, there is an open studios sale organized every week, where the gallery and the studios are open from 10:00am to 6:00pm for the general public to get to know the rotating batch of artists and of course to find a buy some amazing art. Should you find yourself in the neighborhood on October 20, 21, and 22, here is where to go:

But what about that Piano?

Yes, the piano. Here is the deal, as part of one of the projects for the Redwood City Improvement Association, a few pianos are being decked out in art by local artists as both an outdoor art installation and be playable by the public.

I'm so excited to be one of the local artists who, after submitting and refining proposals, have been awarded the project to paint one of the pianos, a baby grand, with a design I created!

Now, of course, I cannot spill the beans on the design, but I do want you all to see some of the work ongoing and follow along on this one. It definitely is going to be a journey.

So here are a few initial pics prepping the piano.

Piano, original colors and varnishes
The Baby Grand

Next, taping the keys, preventing any dust from the sanding getting into the piano, and then the fun bit of sanding.

A person sanding the top of the grand piano
Sanding the Top

Primer! Now that the original top coat has been removed, it is time to put on some high quality primer. It took a few layers, but after priming, we have a white piano...

A baby grand piano, primed in white, ready to be painted by an artist
Baby Grand - Primed and Ready for ART

And here is some of the base colors coming. But I won't reveal more for now... stay tuned for the next steps.

Blue color added to the primed (white) baby grand piano
Blue! But what else is coming?

There is More?

Yes, but of course... while I am doing the piano, I did manage to create some new paintings, inspired by our summer.

This painting, Carpe Diem, is inspired by our frequent trips to Sausalito while my art was at the Sausalito Center for the Arts. Even after all these years of living here, it still is amazing to drive across the Golden Gate and see the fog play around the bridge pillars.

I'm working on some more work capturing some of the amazing travel we did this summer, but those will be revealed at the AIR residency.

That is it for now.


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